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IDP Consulting Group, LLC

Precious Metals Brokerage, Precious Metals IRA & Depository Accounts

Investor's Diversified Portfolio

CALL TOLL FREE: 1-855-860-6800

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 Contact IDP Consulting Group

Thank you for contacting our firm and we look forward to serving you.  Please provide all of your contact information below and the best time to contact you for a consultation.  If you have placed an order confirmation with confirmation number, we request that checks be promptly mailed by US Postal Service with a two-day envelope to the following address.  We also invite you to submit your name and email to receive our free monthly newsletter with important market updates and current affairs briefing.  As a reminder, all new clients receive a signed copy of America’s Financial Reckoning Day by Charles H. Coppes along with our company literature.

IDP Consulting Group, LLC

Investor's Diversified Portfolio

20 East White Mountain Boulevard

Building A-5, Suite 126

Lakeside, Arizona 85929-6891


Toll free & FAX:  1-855-860-6800

Main Office:  1-928-358-5471

Monday thru Friday 9-5PM (MST)

[email protected]

* Required

Testimonials from IDP Clients

I have been watching the markets for a long time and was grateful to have found Chuck through Coast to Coast radio.  He is knowledgeable in prophecy and finances and grasps the big picture for the economic future, He made the process of transferring my IRA easy and painless and is great with following up on clients to be sure they are completely satisfied.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial security in this time of great instability in the global economy.


Dr. Marian F. Klaes

We received the book and other wonderful materials you sent us.  I just wanted to say thank you. We truly are blessed to have met you.  We feel like we have someone to consult with who will guide us in our best interest rather than theirs.  Back when I was far less wise and informed, we had a couple of "financial advisors" and we lost a lot of money.  Since then, I haven't trusted anyone.  I am sure you have heard that a ton of times in your career.


Hope you will be a "regular" on Caravan to Midnight


Many blessings,


Kathy Solomon

Gina Reis

Thank you Chuck and I would like say what a class act you are, I had the expectations of being received and handled by a subordinate, take my order and send me on my way.   The sincerity that comes through on the many talk shows that I've listened to you on the air, also is present in a one to one communication.


Michael Black

My wife and I attended a seminar where Chuck discussed his book (everyone should read his book) and it has truly changed our lives for the better!  After talking with him we decided to invest some of our retirement into physical silver based on his advice and we are VERY glad that we did.  Thanks Chuck for all the invaluable advice and the great service you have given us!


Tim & Diane Weigandt

Thank you for all that you have done for me and the continued honest information that you disseminate to me and many like me in need of truth!


Sincerely, Dr. Robert McPhee

Thanks for your stellar service!  - Dana & Heidi Linz

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