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Hidden Secrets of Money Series

America's Day of Reckoning

IDP Consulting Group, LLC is represented by Charles H. Coppes, author of America’s Financial Reckoning Day and host of The Reckoning Hour, a monthly commentary on current affairs.  With a business background in sales and marketing since 1975, Chuck has assisted clients with portfolio diversification as a licensed securities and precious metals broker with national firms. IDP Consulting Group, LLC is an independent precious metals brokerage firm that assists their clients with precious metals retirement accounts in addition to commercial storage and physical delivery of precious metals nationwide. Hourly consulting fees are waived for all new IDP clients who also receive signed copies of Chuck’s book containing a wealth of contrarian strategies for investors in uncertain times........READ MORE.

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Charles H. Coppes

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Wizard of Oz Report

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America's Fiscal Reckoning Day!

Precious Metals Bullion Accounts


Gold and silver have stood the test of time as a reliable and safe store of value for personal wealth and protection.  Precious metals are an excellent way to hedge against risky capital markets and uncertain times, and also provides a low-profile asset for financial privacy.  As an asset class precious metals can never go to zero, and they have the potential to reward contrarian investors with significant gains as global markets increasingly threaten conventional investment strategies.  At IDP we only specialize in pure gold and silver bullion products with a purity of .999 or .9999 to assure the finest quality for our clients, and do not promote or recommend rare/semi-rare (numismatic) coins with excessive premiums and markups. Payment terms are easy and simple and we promptly and discreetly ship all precious metals bullion orders within the continental US or provide professional storage accounts with a depository..................READ MORE.


Precious Metals IRA Accounts


If you currently have an IRA account or qualified plan, you can easily convert these funds into a Precious Metals IRA for safekeeping and peace of mind.  A transfer or rollover is a penalty-free transaction and all capital gains within your IRA account are tax-deferred with low annual fees.  For prudent investors seeking safety, flexibility and liquidity an historic opportunity is waiting for you, and the professionals at IDP can assist you with your current IRA needs by contacting us today.  A Precious Metals IRA account allows you to fund your IRA with pure gold and silver bullion that is securely held in a fully insured institutional account that is managed by a leading custodial firm for IRA compliance.  A Precious Metals IRA account is a strategic alternative, and IDP provides an exclusive exit strategy for clients to maximize capital gains and protect your principal and growth within your IRA............READ MORE.


Precious Metals Storage Accounts


Precious metals storage and safety is an important consideration for every precious metals investor, and individual needs can vary to protect your investment.  For most, securing gold and silver can be accomplished with a quality safe or gun safe in your possession.  For others, a physical depository account at a commercial storage facility is a more practical alternative, and this is especially true for large acquisitions of bulk metals.  At IDP we can assist clients with delivery and storage of precious metals with segregated and non-segregated accounts that are held for safe keeping.  For a nominal fee, all accounts are protected with an armed staff, state-of-the-art vaults, fully bonded and insured by Lloyd’s of London.  IDP has an internal account to better assist clients with transfer, settlement and shipping with all regular accounts for convenience and reliable storage of precious metals, so call us today for a consultaion...................READ MORE.


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